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Slalom Skateboard Racing - 2008 US National Championships

Arriving at Turri Road - Super GS Site
Martin Reaves - SGS Start
John O'Shei (CA) - Turri Super G
Johnny Thriller Miller (CA) - Super G Tuck
John O'Shei (CA) - Thunder Dome SGS Start Ramp
Jack Smith (CA) - Event Coordinator Supreme
Jamie Hart (CA) - Classic Super G Style on Turri Road
Bruce Bjortvedt (WA) - On the Super G Ramp
John Harms (MO) - Long walk back up Turri Road
Bruce Bjortvedt (WA) - Ripping into the Super-G course
Cliff Coleman (CA) and Wenzle Ruml IV (MA) - Hybrid Qualifying on Pacific Street
Bruce Brewington on his Turner Summer Ski - Hybrid Qualifying
Denis Shufeldt (CA) - Superb Race Announcer and Historian
Judi Oyama (CA) - On the Hybrid Start Ramp
Wentzle Ruml IV - On the Hybrid Start Ramp
Gib Lewis (CO) - Waiting for the next heat
Bruse Brewington (CA) - Paralell Style
Dave Pirnack (CO) - Why is this man smiling?
Judi Oyama (CA) - TS Ripping
Wentzle Ruml IV (MA) and Greg Fadell (MI) - you talkin' to us?
John Stryker (WA) and Dave Pirnack (CO) - Wanna Race?
John Ravitch (WA) and Judi Oyama (CA) - Roe vs. Roe
John Ravitch (WA), Lynn Kramer (CA), John Harms (MO) and Cat Young (CA) - After the Finals
Marty Schaub (GA), John Stryker (WA) and Rick Floyd (VT) - Open Hybrid Podium
Richy Carrasco (CA) - Did everyone have a good time? Oi!
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